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BBC News: Back me on migration, PM tells EU
Friday 28th November 2014
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Live BBC News for Kent

Calls to publish 'isolation' reports

Details from two reports into a primary school which allegedly locked pupils in an isolation room should be published, an MP says.

Cathedral girls's Christmas first

A girls' choir which ended more than 900 years of male-only choristry at Canterbury Cathedral begins rehearsals for its first Christmas concert.

Indian fighter pilot statue unveiled

A statue is unveiled of the longest surviving fighter pilot from a group of 24 Indians who arrived in Britain in 1940.

Banksy wall artwork due for US sale

A Banksy mural that was removed from a Kent wall is flown to the US to be sold at an art fair in Miami.

Russia warships pass through Channel

A flotilla of Russian warships passes through the English Channel in what British and French officials describe as an annual visit.

'No evidence' to corral animal demos

Police acted without sufficient evidence when they restricted protests against live animal exports at Ramsgate, a watchdog finds.

Ex-racing driver banned for speeding

A former racing driver has been fined £2,000 and banned from driving for 15 months after admitting to speeding on the A96 in the Highlands.

Murder accused admits 'rage' stabbing

A man accused of killing a teenager tells a court how he randomly stabbed a woman 14 times after suspecting his girlfriend of an affair.